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Sendey NAKA

Sendey NAKA, NaturoSendey

Membership number: ND-1974


Being a naturopath is not just a job for me: it's the only way to live that gives meaning to my life. Born in the tropics, having grown up in Europe and living in North America since 2013, I can offer you a lot of multiculturalism through my recommendations to support you in taking charge of your health in a gentle way; for food rebalancing or to identify and correct bad lifestyle habits. As each person is unique, I try to offer the most personalized therapeutic recommendations possible!
At the same time, you have the possibility of passing lab tests(food intolerances, gut imbalance, etc.) to help find more quickly the causes of your disorders.
I also offer an exclusive range of African medicinal plants and supplements.

Feel free to visit my website for more details!

Available Services

  • Accompagnement psycho-spirituel
  • Alimentation
  • Alimentation hypotoxique
  • Aromathérapie
  • Bilan de santé
  • Coach de vie holistique
  • Coaching en alimentation holistique
  • Coaching in emotional management
  • Conseillère en hygiène vitale
  • Conseillère en saine alimentation
  • Digestion
  • Gestion du poids
  • Herboristerie
  • Herbs
  • Intolérances alimentaires
  • Natural health consultant
  • Naturopathy
  • Stress
  • Women health

Sendey Naka

110-500 rue Sauvé E, Montréal, H3L 0A9
800 471-1967
800 471-1967