Admission criteria

Admission criteria for training

The therapist must have a naturopathic diploma[1] of at least 1200 hours from a school recognized by the ANPQ.

[ 1] Cumulative formation is not accepted.

What is asked of a therapist who wants to join the ANPQ?

  •     to be 18 years old;
  •     be a Canadian citizen or legal resident or hold a Canadian work permit;
  •     to have a predominant interest in human well- being on a holistic continuum.

What must the member provide when registering?

  •     A completed admission form;
  •     Replies to the questionnaire on the legal status of the member;
  •     A photocopy of a valid photo ID;
  •     Proof of naturopathic training, including a diploma, transcript, certificate or attendance certificate;
  •     The payment of its annual membership fee.