Admission criteria

Admission criteria

We require a minimum of 1200 hours of training, with naturopathic graduation.

If you completed your education outside of Canada, you must have your degree(s) assessed by one of the following credential evaluation agencies:

Results of the formal education assessment must be sent from directly to the ANPQ from the credential evaluation agency.

If you completed your education in Canada, you must arrange to have university transcripts sent directly to the ANPQ. If the academic institution is unable to send a transcript directly, we will accept a certified copy of the transcript issued to you.

If transcripts and official university documents are in a language other than English or French, you must arrange to have them translated by an official translator. You will be responsible for any associated fees.

What is asked of a therapist who wants to join the ANPQ?

  •     to be 18 years old;
  •     be a Canadian citizen or legal resident or hold a Canadian work permit;
  •     to have a predominant interest in human well- being on a holistic continuum.

What must the member provide when registering?

  •     A completed admission form;
  •     Replies to the questionnaire on the legal status of the member;
  •     A photocopy of a valid photo ID;
  •     Proof of naturopathic training, including a diploma, transcript, certificate or attendance certificate;
  •     The payment of its annual membership fee.