Le Réseau Impact Mieux-Être

Here is a corporate agreement between Le-RIME and ANPQ.


The RIME is a French-platform. If you have a francophone clientele, this offer might interest you.

You would like to advertise on the Internet, but the cost of procedures and involvement in time seems too big?

At lower cost and with maximum support, you can have a personal page on the Réseau Impact Mieux-Être Le-RIME. This offer will simplify the process, while providing a space to describe you and put forward your work.

With proof of your annual membership ANPQ, you will receive 15% off when you join in Le-RIME.

Take the time to learn several marketing services will be offered.

TO RECEIVE PROMOTION CODE and for more information on the functioning and opportunities of this platform, please contact

Guy Parent, Representative consultant to Le-RIME





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