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Schools recommended by the RMQ

Schools recommended by the RMQ must offer a minimum of 
First grade : 400 hours and more
Second grade : 1,000 hours and more of training in massotherapy.

To obtain their recognition, the schools must submit their training program to the Evaluation Committee of the RMQ.

If you are looking for a school recommended by the RMQ, feel free to contact us by calling 450 720-0560. That way, you will obtain accurate and appropriate information.

The RMQ has always avoided conflicts of interest and is determined to continue this policy. Accordingly, anyone who has graduated from a massotherapy training school with content that satisfies the requirements in force in Québec can become an active member of the RMQ.

After a review of the massotherapy training content, the RMQ gives its approval, a certificate of accreditation, to all professional massotherapist who offer training courses that meet the criteria of the RMQ.

(The list of the schools recommended is in preparation of an update)